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In this blog post, you will read: 2020 is a year full of difficulties and challenges, but it is a big step for our foreign trade people to bravely march into the unknown, and it’s also a big step for everyone to live in the future. It represents our spirit of daring to work hard, and it also represents the feature of continuous improvement of us. Through this opportunity, everyone also met more new friends, many will become old friends for life. Hope our Dingteng metal mesh can design more and make your life and work better.

Who We Are?

Dingteng Metal Mesh LTD opened its international door in 2009 as a deep processing wire mesh products (wire mesh baskets, filter mesh/element, decorative metal mesh curtain wall) manufacturer and a turn-key production service provider in China.

Mr Zhang, the founder of Dingteng Metal Mesh, has personally dedicated 32 years of innovating deep processing wire mesh industry technology knows how to give the company an unparalleled edge in the mastery and integration of the whole value chain. 

With the vision to extend its competitive advantages to increase customers’ market share to consolidate their market leading position, Dingteng Metal Mesh was born and grow faster by bulk regular products, and unique OEM, ODM products, which widely used into medical field, chemical area, facilities/machine factories, households, supermarket program construction project, interior and exterior space design, and other applications.

Hence we are available to show you our product range and guide you in the design and choice of the products that best fits your needs.

What We Do?

Dingteng Metal Mesh adheres to the philosophy of adopting simplified, compact and economical system especially for start-ups with basic needs.It offers premium solutions to fulfil customers’ desire for their upgrades on capacity competency; leaps in productivity and elimination of heavy labor works. Our Products are as diverse as the growth opportunities in the markets: from hospital, facilities factory, chemical laboratory, household to construction project, space design and other applications.

Our commitment does not end with goods delivery. The more we can help impact your success, the better. We believe that having our deep processing wire mesh baskets, filter mesh, decorative metal mesh curtain wall products is merely the first step to your success, developing the consumer-oriented products with well-selected raw materials to deliver satisfying performance is the other critical element.

Our vision to “design more” is not just a marketing slogan. It aims to help customers to finish their work more efficiently and have a enjoyable feeling with our more creative, durable, anti-rusted, long life span products.

More than just a supplier, Dingteng metal mesh is your all-round partner. We take the time to understand your concerns, challenges and the changing needs of your end users to create a custom solution. While transaction-based suppliers are only focused on filling orders, Dingteng metal mesh is focused on empowering you to truly succeed in deep processing wire mesh business.

DINGTENG METAL MESH competitive benefit lies in our offer of growth insights in the shape of exclusive services to power revenues and profits of your wire mesh business. We supply deep processing wire mesh to both middle men to increase their market share and end users to help them work more happily and efficiently.

Being active in wire mesh industry or nearly 20 years, we understand the needs and frustrations customers face. It is our mission to help you develop better.

Grab A New Chance To Work With Our Dingteng Metal Mesh

We have been engaged in the wire mesh basket, filter mesh element, decoration metal curtain wall industry for over 20 years. We have a good understanding of this industry and also coordinated with other factories very well. We have served over 300 customers from more than 30 countries. Our products are very popular all over the world, because our products are of high quality and low price, so they are very competitive in the market.widely used in medical field, chemical area, facilities/machine factories, households, supermarket program construction project, interior and exterior space design, and other applications.

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